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MK REWIND: Juneteenth (EP 237)

Episode Summary

We revisit two of Nnekay's segments on Juneteenth, it's cultural importance, what it was, why it's an American Holiday, and why a certain racist commander in chief does not need to hold a rally in Tulsa, on that day in the middle of a pandemic.

Episode Notes

To celebrate Juneteenth, and why Agent Orange's (as Spike Lee him) attempt to have a rally ON Juneteenth in TULSA was such a slap in the face... and if you listened to last weeks episode, combined with this week’s rewind you’ll know just why.  So for this weeks rewind we have Minority Korner Co-Creator Nnekay’s TWO segments on Juneteenth, as we go full circle with Nnekay’s Journey on the American Holiday. The first segment, which is from the vaults of our SECOND episode, (so bare with audio- but you're here for the content), Nnekay gives us a brief history, and then we’ll jump forward two years to Nnekay’s revisit, highlighting the Black Land and Liberation’s movement for  #40Acres40Cities. Juneteenth really is an American holiday and those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So let’s travel back in time a few times for this week’s MK Rewind: Juneteenth.





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