Minority Korner

MK107: Never a Feud for you, Black Princess (Meghan Markle, Books on Privilege, Gay Zoo, Nickelodeon, Grey's Anatomy, PrEP, Black Doctors)

Episode Summary

This episode The Wonder Twins are gonna take you on a ride! That's right a ride through the Magical Gay Zoo- where animals are just as gay as us humans! Before we get to that, we also cover some books on how to teach your kids about privilege. WE also talk about: Meghan Markle, Nick News, Black Doctors and PrEP. Enjoy!

Episode Notes

This week starts off with a bang as the twins celebrate a some color entering the British Monarchy! That's right Meghan Markle is breaking barriers by blessing Prince Harry with the decision to marry him! James finally gets all the hullabaloo about the royals, while Nnekay wants to see more from Meghan. They also discuss how Ms. Markle was able to bust on through to Nick News as an 11 year old preaching about feminism. Impressive start! James finds himself in the middle of Grey's Anatomy with a Black Woman Doctor!!!!!! He also gives a little teaser to a future episode about PrEP. In the Korners, Nnekay wants to give you some hints on what to give the children in your life for the holidays... BOOKS. This time her book list includes books on how to teach children about privilege. It's a hard topic to breech and these book will make it a little bit easier and fun! James' takes us to the magical land of the Gay Zoo!!!! Did you know that animals are just as gay as we humans are? You didn't well, James spells it out for you! From elephants to hyenas to bison to dolphins and even the good ole warthog! James' covers it all- so you'll have the arsenal to counter any claim of what is TRULY natural. We also have a new winner! Remember to stay for the end to see if you're the review that won the raffle! We also have a new store!!!!! Hooray! Remember to share Minority Korner: Guide to a Gay Bar, and buy up those tickets to Nnekay's Nice Tan Show in SF on January 26th! Enjoy!   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: minoritykorner@gmail.com Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner   Minority Korner Store!   https://teespring.com/minority-korner-t-shirt#pid=369&cid=6513&sid=front Minority Korner Guide to a Gay Bar: Straight Guy Edition part 2   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO_ZTYVotE4   Nice Tan at SF Sketchfest   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nice-tan-queen-george-hosted-by-michelle-biloon-tickets-39890355126   Episode Links!   Books on Privilege   http://www.booksforlittles.com/silence-is-violence/   Gay Zoo