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MK REWIND: Tulsa/Greenwood Massacre (EP235)

Episode Summary

We revisit Nnekay’s Korner, where she uncovers the untold story of the Tulsa "Race Riot" or how she refers to it as “The Greenwood Massacre” the 1921 historic event which was covered up for decades.

Episode Notes

It’s the Minority Korner rewind, each Tuesday we will have a bonus episode of MK digging into the archives and selecting a Korner that is appropriate to revisit for the moment. With so many new listeners, and even for the veteran Korner Kids we’ve had around 400 Korners, and sometimes it can feel like cramming for an exam. The best line of defense in the war against systemic racism is knowledge and information: knowledge is power. So on our last episode, Bruce walked us through the history of police in America, and we began talking about HBO's The Watchmen, and thus Tulsa which reminded James of Minority Korner, co-creator, Nnekay’s segment on Tulsa/the Greenwood Massacre. With everything going on it seemed fitting to revisit the story of Greenwood. Who were the people that made up the Black Wall Street town of Greenwood, and what caused, what would ultimately be, the massacre and destruction of this town at the hands of white supremacist? For some you’ve never head this before, or just snippets, and there’s a reason why this wasn’t taught in history class. Strap in as we see the microcosm of what happens when a town of Black people get too successful.

Checkout the original episode in full:

Episode  83: Rip, Roaring, and Ready to Go (Tulsa Race Riot, AIDS Quilt, La Croix, Implicit Bias, Catwoman, and Halle Berry)





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