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MK240: Pay It No Mind! (Pride In Place, Marsha P. Johnson, Aunt Jemima, Pose S2, Disclosure, Gender Reveals, Queer Class Presidents, Bubba Wallace, NASCAR, Trans POCs)

Episode Summary

For our Pride in Place AKA Queer Christmas we dive into this weekends history by examining the life of the mother of the movement herself: Marsha P. Johnson. We discuss Pose season 2, and Disclosure which highlight the journey and stories of trans women of color. The world realizes Aunt Jemima is racist, Band-Aides now finally for non whites, and a theory of why there's so many Queer class Presidents. Plus NASCAR's Bubba Wallace can get it (in a sexy way). We also get deep into exploring and unpacking our own identities.

Episode Notes

Avi Roque is here, for our Pride Celebration, or Queer Christmas, as we Pride in Place. We are gathering around to watch the NEW classics since we can’t be celebrating out in the streets together. James finally caught up on Pose season 2, it's giving me all the feels (you aren't ready), coupled with the Netflix Documentary Disclosure, both shows really highlight the journey, struggles, and stories of trans POC’s who really are the pillars of the Queer Liberation movement. Speaking of in honor of PRIDE we dive into life, and story of the mother of the movement herself, Marsha P. Johnson, her origins story, who she was, why she is to be celebrated, and what happened to her? Also James has a theory as to why many a school class President is queer, find out what happens when someone leaves him in charge of a gender reveal, plus Band-Aides, finally now with more skin tones, and why James might finally be tuning into NASCAR (the answer is a combination of activism and sexiness). Happy Pride! 


Free Therapy for Black Trans Folks

Marsha P. Jonson

Aunt Jemima- https://www.themarysue.com/aunt-jemima-branding-is-no-more/

Gender Reveal Video


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